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Notice on Reminding Non-Chinese Passengers Transiting to China via Related Countries to Complete Nucleic Acid Tests

To ensure the health and safety of international travel and to reduce the risk of cross-border spread of the epidemic, passengers who are to fly to China are required to obtain COVID-19 negative certificates before boarding. Non-Chinese citizens need to apply for a “Health Declaration Form” when going to China. The specific methods are as follows:

1. Non-Chinese passengers flying to China must undergo a nucleic acid test for COVID-19 within 5 days before boarding. The test should be performed by the following designated institutions (“List of Georgian Nucleic Acid Testing Institutions”).

2. When applying for a “Health Declaration Form” , non-Chinese passengers must present a COVID-19 negative certificate to the Chinese Embassy in Georgia, and include the valid passport data page, the nucleic acid test negative certificate and the applicant’s signed "Health Declaration Form " ( The scanned copy is sent to the email address of the Chinese Embassy in Georgia : consulate_geo@mfa.gov.cn

3. The Chinese Embassy in Georgia receives the application email, and after it is approved, the scanned copy of the approved “Health Declaration Form” will be sent back to the applicant by email.

4. Applicants are requested to print out the approved “Health Declaration Form” and bring them to the airport, and cooperate with the airline to check before boarding.

5. Please note that the applicant must take the flight within the validity period of the“Health Declaration Form”.

6. The Airline has the responsibility to check the passenger’s “Health Declaration Form” before boarding. If it does not meet the requirements, the passenger should not be allowed to board the aircraft, and the Airline should effectively implement the Chinese regulations.

7. Passengers who provide false information or certificates will bear all legal consequences arising therefrom.

Attachment: 1 page of “Health Declaration Form”.


List of Georgian Nucleic Acid Testing Institutions


telephone number




LTD Megalab

+995 32 2051111




Tbilisi, 23 Kavtaradze St.

LTD Aversi Clinic

+995 32 2500700




Tbilisi,Vazha-Pshavela ave.27b

LTD Neolab

+995 32 2392803

+995 32 2392896




Tbilisi,Tashkenti .№47

LTD New Hospital

+995 32 2190190




Tbilisi,Krtsanisi .№12

LTD Molecular Diagnostics

+995 32 2369520




Tbilisi,Lubliana .№11

LTD Cito

+995 32 2290671(401)

+995 32 2290672(401)





Tbilisi, Paliashvili 39

(Batumi,Zugdidi and Kutaisi )

Georgian-German Clinic Medhouse

+995 570 102266

+995 568 050303




Tbilisi,Memed Abashidze.№7

Genetics National Laboratory

+995 32 2052888




Tbilisi,David Aghmashenebeli .№240




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