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Grenada Health Minister Participates in COVID-19 Response Video Conference between China and Latin American & Caribbean Countries

  On March 23 Grenadian time, experts on COVID-19 from China and Latin American and Caribbean countries exchanged views in a video conference. About 200 officials and experts from China, Latin American and Caribbean countries having diplomatic relations with China, and Nicaragua, as well as representatives of WHO, UNICEF, the Pan American Health Organization and the Inter-American Development Bank attended the video conference. Hon. Nickolas Steele, Minister of Health, Social Security and International Business of Grenada, together with Grenadian health experts, participated in the local parallel session in the Ministerial Complex, St. George’s.

  Chinese experts talked in detail about the trajectory and features of the epidemic and Chinese experience in disease control, clinical treatment, customs administration and community-based quarantine and gave thorough answers to their foreign counterparts' questions.

  Minister Nicholas Steele highly commended China’s practical move to hold a video conference and share experience in epidemic prevention and control. He said that early actions and strict measures have been proved to be effective in the fight against COVID-19. China’s notable achievements earned time and accumulated experience for Grenada and other countries in the world. He extended appreciation for the timely experience-sharing in the conference which would provide an important reference for Grenada in COVID-19 response. He hoped to further strengthen cooperation and exchanges with China on the prevention and control of the epidemic.

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