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Chemical Weapons Abandoned by Japan in China

Up to date, there still exist on the Chinese territory large quantities of chemical weapons abandoned (ACWs) by the Japanese army. These ACWs still pose a serious threat to the lives and property of the Chinese people and the ecological environment of China.

ACWs are a catastrophe brought by the Japanese aggressors to the Chinese people. As the victim of abandoned chemical weapons, the Chinese Government is very concerned about the ACW issue. In accordance with the Chemical Weapons Convention, Japan, as the abandoning state, is fully responsible for the destruction of these abandoned chemical weapons. China urges the Japanese Government to adopt a right attitude towards its historical responsibility and to make sincere efforts to destroy completely and thoroughly all its ACWs on the Chinese territory as soon as possible.

The Japanese Government has on many occasions committed itself to sincerely addressing the ACWs issue in accordance with the spirit and letter of the Chemical Weapons Convention, the Sino-Japanese Peace and Friendship Treaty and the Sino-Japanese Joint Statement. The Chinese Government appreciates such commitment. In July, 1999, the Chinese Government and the Japanese Government signed the Memorandum on the Destruction of Chemical Weapons Abandoned by the Japanese Army in China, in which the responsibilities and obligations of Japan are clearly set out. We hope that the Japanese Government will abide by its commitment and, in close cooperation with the Chinese Government and the OPCW, take concrete actions to properly settle this issue as soon as possible.

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