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Wang Yi: Keeping pace with the times and deepening the "3+1" innovative cooperation between China and Switzerland

On October 22, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Swiss Federal Councilor and Foreign Minister Kasses met the press in Berne.

Wang Yi said that China and Switzerland will mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations next year. If we are good at looking back and summing up the past, it helps to better open up the future. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations nearly 70 years ago, Sino-Swiss relations have developed healthily and steadily, and there are many experiences worth summing up.

First, treat each other equally. This is China's diplomatic principle. Countries, big or small, are equal members of the international community.

Second, mutual respect. Although the two countries have different historical, cultural and social systems, they both respect the development path chosen by each other, respect each other's unique history, culture and national conditions, and live in harmony.

Third, win-win cooperation. The two countries can realize common development and common prosperity through complementing each other's advantages. It can not only benefit the people of the two countries, but also help accelerate the development and revitalization of the two countries.

Wang Yi said, China and Switzerland have become a model of win-win cooperation between different social systems, different stages of development, and countries of different sizes. These valuable experiences are worth continuing to inherit. As long as we stick to these three experiences, Sino-Swiss relations will have bright prospects.

Wang Yi said, China and Switzerland should keep pace with the times and deepen the strategic partnership of innovation in three major areas and on one basis.

The first is to strengthen financial cooperation. Switzerland is a financial power, and China is also speeding up the opening up of its financial sector, including banking, securities and insurance. The first foreign-owned joint venture securities company approved by us is a Swiss financial enterprise, and the cooperation between the two sides in the financial field is facing broad opportunities.

Second, investment cooperation. China is already the largest manufacturing country in the world, and the category is the most complete. Switzerland has advantages in advanced manufacturing. Cooperation between the two sides is conducive to complementing each other's advantages and jointly expanding and strengthening the manufacturing industry of the two countries.

The third is scientific and technological cooperation. Switzerland has unique technologies, and China has a good scientific and technological foundation and huge market space. The combination of the Chinese market and Swiss technologies will be beneficial to the long-term development of Switzerland. We will strictly protect intellectual property rights and carry out technical cooperation in accordance with market rules.

Wang Yi said, in order to realize the prospects for these three aspects of cooperation, the important prerequisite is to continuously consolidate the foundation of mutual trust between the two sides. This is based on mutual respect, mutual understanding and mutual support for each other's core interests.

Subsequently, the foreign ministers of the two countries answered questions from reporters from both sides.

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