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Chinese Mission spokesperson Liu Yuyin refutes the distorted remarks concerning Hong Kong by a couple of mandate-holders of the Human Rights Council

On May 13, a couple of Special Procedure mandate-holders made public distorted remarks about Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China, in serious interference in the internal affairs of Hong Kong SAR and flagrant trampling on the rule of law and judicial independence in Hong Kong SAR. China strongly condemns and firmly opposes such remarks.

Hong Kong upholds the rule of law. No one shall enjoy any prerogative above the law. Anyone who violates the law shall be held accountable according to law. The Special Rapporteurs in question tried to whitewash the criminal suspects' act in organizing, masterminding and participating in unauthorized assemblies on the pretext of "exercising their freedom of assembly" and "pro-democracy activities". The extremely violent and inhumane criminal acts in total disregard of the rule of law by violent radicals are described merely as clashes between the police and some individuals. They chose to ignore the fact that those unauthorized assemblies had turned into extreme violence, and that these acts had seriously disrupted the prosperity, stability and public order in Hong Kong and severely undermined the human rights and well-being of Hong Kong citizens. They openly exonerated the criminal suspects and went so far as to demand the judicial authorities of Hong Kong SAR drop criminal prosecutions. The mandate-holders blatantly interfered in judicial independence of Hong Kong SAR, disrespected the rule of law and seriously distorted human rights. Their remarks ran counter to the principle of impartiality and objectivity and violated the Code of Conduct for Special Procedures mandate-holders of the Human Rights Council.

The Chinese Permanent Mission has on more than one occasion proposed exchange of views with the Special Procedure mandate-holders concerned, to share with them truth and facts on Hong Kong. However, they used all kinds of excuses to shun communication and showed no interest whatsoever in dialogue, facts or truth. Instead, they chose to make public wrong remarks in an open attempt to exert pressure on the judicial authorities of Hong Kong SAR, with a view to influencing and interfering with the trial at the court. One cannot but question their political motivation.

Hong Kong is China's Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong affairs are purely China's internal affairs that brook no interference by any external forces. The Special Rapporteurs in question are urged to cherish their credibility, immediately halt politicization of human rights issues, stop backing criminal suspects and refrain from interfering in China 's internal affairs and judicial sovereignty in any form.

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