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Wang Yi: China is upright and open on the international stage

When State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Swiss Federal Councillor and Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis in Berne on October 22, a reporter asked: how do you respond to all kinds of unprovoked accusations against China by some US politicians over a period of time?

Wang Yi said, China is a responsible power, and we are upright and open on the international stage, safeguarding peace and promoting development. China is a big developing country, and the purpose of development is to let the Chinese people live a better life. Apart from that, there are no other thoughts or attempts.

Wang Yi said that China has never exhausted all resources to build up military power, has never taken the initiative to wage war abroad, and has never occupied an inch of foreign territory. With regard to the disputes on territory, rights and interests between China and other countries, we have always insisted on the peaceful settlement through dialogue and negotiations, without resorting to the use of force or the threat of force.

China never puts itself first only, and never gives priority to itself, but practices win-win cooperation, multi-win and win-win. China not only develops itself, but also has contributed around 30% of world economic growth and has become the main engine of the world economy.

China never defaults and retreats, unlike some countries that do not take international agreements and treaties seriously, that are as changeable as moon. China firmly fulfill its international responsibilities and abide by the commitments made to the outside world. China is already the second largest funding contributor to United Nations and United Nations peacekeeping operations, and has paid in full and has never been in arrears.

China never deceives the small and weak, never interferes in the internal affairs of other countries, but insists that all countries, large and small, are equal and respect each other. Even if only the leaders of countries with tens of thousands of people visited China, we greeted him with red carpets, fired 21 salute guns and requested him to inspect the honor guard of the armed forces.

China has never blamed everyone and everything but not itself, and has never passed on its own problems to other countries. China is even more opposed to putting domestic law above international law and prone to unilateral sanctions or long-armed jurisdiction. Instead, through its own efforts, China actively adapts to and integrates into globalization, solves the problems of unbalanced development, and strives to achieve sustainable development. Next year, China will completely eradicate absolute poverty, and nearly 1.4 billion Chinese will achieve a well-off society in an all-round way. This will create a miracle in the history of the progress of human civilization.

Wang Yi said that some people always droned on and on about "debt trap", "violation of human rights" and "breaking rule of law" and other blames on China. Actually, it's exactly what they have done and what they are doing. Lying a thousand times won't come true. It can only expose that these people cannot tolerate the development and growth of China and the pursuit of a happy life by the Chinese people. It can only expose their inner gloom and destroy their own reputation and credit. These people will continue to smear and attack China, but in the end they can only become just a joke on the street. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese people will continue to forge ahead along the road of realizing modernization and make new contribution to world peace and the development and progress of mankind.

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