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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Kong Quan on the Decision of the UNSC to Add "Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement" to the UN List
Q: The United Nations Security Council on 11 September formally added the "Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement"to the UN list of terror groups and individuals.  How does the Chinese side comment on this?

A: On 11 September, the UNSC formally added the "Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement"("ETIM") to the UN list of terror groups and individuals.  Earlier, China, the US, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan made the request to the UNSC and submitted relevant materials.  This is also a positive achievement in anti terrorism cooperation between China and the US and other relevant countries.

The "ETIM" is part and parcel of the international terrorist forces and has carried out a large number of violent terror incidents both inside and outside China and is a severe threat to regional peace and stability.  The Chinese side will continue to intensify cooperation with the international community to fight against terrorism in all forms including the Eastern Turkistan terrorist organization.  

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