Announcement about requirements for obtaining COVID-19 negative certificates before boarding China-bound air lines


To ensure the health and safety of international travel and to reduce the risk of cross-border spread of the epidemic, passengers who are to fly to China are required to obtain COVID-19 negative certificates before boarding.


1.Passenger transiting via specific nations


For the time being, as there are no direct flight links between China and Hungary, passengers who will transit to China through Chad, Bangladesh, Egypt, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arab,Iran,Turkey,etc,(real-time nation list: https://hr.cs.mfa.gov.cn/help_two/help-two/gj.html) NEED to board the planes with negative nucleic acid test certificates. Passengers starting from Hungary and transiting via one of those nations on the real-time nation list must complete the nucleic acid test in Hungary in advance.


2. Other passengers

The Chinese Embassy in Hungary is conducting a comprehensive assessment of the implementation of nucleic acid testing measures in Hungary in accordance with the requirements of the relevant announcements issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the General Administration of Customs, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on July 20. The following specific implementation measures will be implemented in due course when conditions are met.


3.How to get the negative nucleic acid test certificates?

(1) Passengers who are to fly to China are required to take nucleic acid tests for COVID-19 within five days before boarding. The tests should be taken at institutions designated by the Chinese Embassy in Hungary (see attachment 1).


(2) Passengers are required to send their COVID-19 negative reports together with Health Declaration Forms(see attachment 2) to the Chinese Embassyin Hungary through emails. The Chinese Embassy will verify the reports with official stamps on the Health Declaration Forms and send back via emails. Passengers should print out and present to airlines at airports.


Email address of the Chinese Embassy in Hungary: covidpcrhun@gmail.com


(3) Airlines are responsible for checking Health Declaration Forms of their passengers before boarding. Passengers who do not meet the above requirements should not be allowed on board. Airlines should strictly follow the relevant procedures.


(4) Passengers who provide false certificates or information shall bear corresponding legal liabilities.


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