Notice on Requirement of Venous blood sampling fortheIgM Serum Antibody Tests

To further improve the accuracy of IgM serum antibody test, since January 18, 2021, the IgM test must be performed through venous blood sampling.Fingertip blood testing and speed test are no longer accepted.


Please follow the guidelines and requirements listed below:


1.The following test institutions maycarry out venous blood sampling for IgM test. The list will be adjustedin light of new circumstances.


Budai Egészségközpont(https://bhc.hu/)

MikroMikoMed Kft.(http://mikromikomed.hu/)


Semmelweis Egyetem Fül-Orr-Gég Klinika(https://semmelweis.hu/fulorrgegeszet/)


2.When you make an appointment for an antibody test with the listed test institution, please clearly request the method of venous blood sampling and require the IgM test report to include the following contents: IgM,Venous/Vénásetc. Otherwise the report will not be accepted.


3.The Chinese Embassy in Hungary will review the test method and the authenticity of your report. Behaviour such as tampering with reports, concealing COVID-19 infection, will be held accountable in accordance with the law.


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