Nucleic acid and IgM Anti-Body Tests

As the COVID-19 pandemic is still raging around the world,it is strongly suggested that all non-essential and non-urgent travels, particularly cross-border travels, be avoided.

To minimize the possibility of infection, only those who transit at only one stop to China will be eligible to obtain the green code. It is also necessary to learn about regulations of obtaining the green code both in the departure and transit countries.

To help passengers better understand how to get the green code in Ireland, we provide answers to some frequently asked questions as follows:

1. Test Requirements for Nucleic Acid and IgM Anti-body

Test result reports should be issued by qualified public or private hospitals or qualified testing agencies in Ireland. The date of the testing/sampling time should be within 2 days before the departure date. For example, if your departure date is March 23, the date of testing/sampling should be no earlier than March 21. Passengers' name, date of birth (DOB) and the testing institutions should be included in the report.

2. Documents to be uploaded

A. Information page of travel document (ie. passport);

B. Proof of residence in Ireland, including visa, entry stamp, residence permit, proof of address etc;

C. Results of PCR nucleic acid test and IgM anti-body test;

D. Flight itinerary;

E. Vaccination certificate if you've been vaccinated.

3. If you were infected by Covid-19 but have recovered, or if your IgG anti-body test is positive, please follow the following instructions:

A. Take a lung CT or X-ray examination followed by two nucleic acid tests (sampling on different dates).

B. Send the CT or X-ray examination report and the two nucleic acid test reports to the email address:

C. After taking the second nucleic acid test, immediately take self-isolation for 14 days. During this period of time, please monitor your health condition closely to make sure you do not have fever etc.

D. Take a nucleic acid test and an IgM anti-body test within two days before your departure date, then upload the reports via to apply for the green code.

We will review your application as soon as possible including on weekends and holidays. Please make sure all the information that you fill in or upload is true, correct and complete.

The Chinese Embassy in Ireland

11 March, 2021