Q&As on the Application of Green Code

The global Covid-19 pandemic still poses grave dangers for international travels. For those who have urgent need to travel to China, please refer to the notice on how to apply for a green code on the Embassy’s website:



To facilitate passengers in their application of green code, we sort out some frequently asked questions and give further guidance as follows:

1. What should I pay attention to when I receive the PCR and anti-body report before application and submission?

Please check: name (must be consistent with that on the passport), date of birth, information of the testing agency, sampling time, testing type and results.

If there is any mistake, please contact the testing agency immediately. Manual modification of the name, date of birth and test result is invalid.

2. What should I do if I get a red code and fail the verification?

If a red code is issued, the Embassy will provide the reasons. Please read the "reasons for not passing the verification" on the red code, and re-submit the application accordingly.

3. If I have been inoculated, how do I apply for green code?

Only those who have completed inoculation can apply for green code.

"Completed inoculation" means that all doses of vaccine injections have been completed. For example, if two doses of vaccine should be given, you are considered to have completed inoculation after two doses were injected, and you can only take nucleic acid and anti-body tests after the second dose. If only one dose of vaccine is required, the sampling date for nucleic acid and antibody tests must be at least 14 days after the date of vaccination.

If you have completely inoculation please submit nucleic acid and antibody test reports, air-ticket itinerary and residence proof as well as the vaccination certificate and the completed Letter of Commitment on Covid-19 Vaccination (see the attachment) to apply for the green code,

4. If I got infected or am a “close contact”, how to apply for the green code?

If you have been diagnosed with Covid-19 or have tested positive for nucleic acid or antibody (not for vaccine reasons) , you are considered as having got infected. A lung CT or X-ray report with two negative nucleic acid reports at a sampling interval of more than 24 hours should be sent to the Embassy (hsdublin66@gmail.com). Then please self-quarantine for at least 14 days and record your daily body temperature and health condition. Before boarding, negative reports of nucleic acid and antibody should be submitted within two days before departure to apply for a green code.

"Close Contacts” refers to persons who have had unprotected contact with a confirmed case or an asymptomatic infected person. If you are a close contact, please self-isolated for at least 14 days before taking the nucleic acid and antibody tests.

5. Do I need to be quarantined upon arriving in China after inoculation?

At present, all passengers must be quarantined after arrival in China. As for the quarantine requirements and length, please refer to the local governments’ websites of the arrival cities.

Note: Before you plan your trip, for information of the application of the green code from the transit airport, please check the official websites of relevant airports, the Chinese Embassy in that country and the Chinese Consulate General in the transit city.


Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Ireland

July 1, 2021