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Israeli Citizens for visa to Hongkong

Israeli citizens who possess a valid Israeli passport and are going to Hong Kong for business or tourism may stay in Hong Kong for 90 days without a visa.
* If you plan to stay in Hong Kong for over three months, or if your purposes are for employment, study, training, residence, or visiting relatives, you must apply for a visa.
* One form 《Hong Kong Visa Application Form》ID 812 or ID(E)936A
* one photo。
* Fee: NIS 150.
It takes 4 business days to process a visa. Express service is available, and NIS 150/100 for 1/2-3 days of precessing will be charged.
* Only cash is acceptable.
Detailed instructions for application for a Hong Kong visa or Entry Permit are listed in "Application for an Entry Visa for Hong Kong".
* For more information about Hong Kong Visa Applications, please visit
http://www.info.gov.hk/immd(go to Topical Information);
Tel: 00852-28246111; Fax: 00852-28777711
All requirements listed above are subject to change without notice at the discretion and interpretation of the Chinese Embassy and Consulates General.

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