Ambassador Sun Weidong Met with Chairman of ICCA Delhi

On 28th of August, Ambassador H.E. Mr. Sun Weidong met with Chairman of India-China Friendship Association, Delhi(ICCA) Mr. R.N. Anil and other major members and exchanged views on promoting people to people exchanges between India and China. Cultural and Educational Counselor Mr. Zhang Jianxin attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Ambassador Sun highlighted the contribution

and commitment made by Mr. R.N.Anil and his team for promoting India and China relations in the past decades, and said that the world is under profound changes and with the leadership and guidelines of two leaders of India and China, bilateral relationship is entering a new era. A good bilateral relationship should be improved not only in the top leader's level but also in the ordinary people's level. The consensus reached by the two leaders should be transmitted to general people within two countries. The source of friendship lays in the people and the future relations of two countries depend on the young generation. ICCA's role in connecting two Countries from heart to heart is critical and a more functional and active ICCA would play a significant role in promoting people to people relationship between two countries. The torch of China-India friendship shall be carried on by young people.

Mr. R.N. Anil thanked Ambassador's good-will and encouragement on ICCA and recalled the old days which he has had with China emotionally in the past decades. He said he was already 87 years old and ready to contribute his whole life in promoting friendship between India and China. He would try his best to disseminate his legacy to the young generation.

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