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Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange

The Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange(CSCSE)is a registered corporate body affiliated to the Ministry of Education(MOE), People's Republic of China, with Mr.WO Shouxin as its legal representative.

As an organization with full legal status, CSCSE is entrusted by MOE to provide service to promote scholarly exchange between China and other parts of the world. Its service cover the full range of international educational cooperation and exchange activities, including both Chinese students and scholars coming to study in China. Over the years, CSCSE has established a nation wide service network and maintained partnership relations with related institutions both at home and abroad.

The headquarter of CSCSE is located in Beijing and is composed of following divisions: 1)The General Office; 2)Passport and Visa Service;3)Publicity:) 4) information Network Service:5)Studying Abroad Service; 6)Returning Scholars Service; 7)Investment and Joint Ventures Consulting; 8)Studying in China; 9)International Cooperation; 10)Financial Service.

CSCSE created Chivast Education International and Beijing Yinhong Technical Developing Consultant Center. The former is the first nation- wide company with official authorization to serve the self-supported Chinese students bound for studying overseas. The latter offers a variety of services including head hunting, technology transfer and Internet related services.

To better serve its clients, the CSCSE is developing and updating its personal record database of Chinese students and scholars studying overseas. To provide a comprehensive package of personalized services with modern means by a group of highly professional and experienced personnel has won CSCSE the reputation of promptness, accuracy, enthusiasm, and thoughtfulness.


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