Wang Yi: Nine-point Consensus Reached at the Inaugural China-Central Asian Countries Foreign Ministers' Meeting

China and Central Asian countries reached an important nine-point consensus on cooperation for peace and development in the region at their inaugural foreign ministers' meeting held on 16 July through video link. In his concluding remarks to the meeting, China's State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi highlighted the consensus as follows:

First, the development, stability and prosperity of China and Central Asian countries serve their mutual interests. China and Central Asian countries respect each other's development paths chosen in light of their respective national conditions and stand ready to make joint contribution to the peace, stability and prosperity of the region.

Second, China and Central Asian countries made commendable achievements in their joint response to COVID-19, which demonstrates the importance of cooperation, as the fortunes of countries are all tied together. China and Central Asian countries will further enhance their cooperation against COVID-19 and create travel bubbles and green corridors for goods as soon as possible.

Third, more efforts will be made to synergize the Belt and Road Initiative and the development strategies of Central Asian countries, expand trade and provide more common ideas and concrete actions on the development of a "Silk Road of health" and the digital Silk Road.

Fourth, China and Central Asian countries support building connectivity partnerships. They will further discuss the establishment of more much needed cross-border corridors. They will contribute to Central Asia's role as an important transport hub for the Eurasian continent.

Fifth, China and Central Asian countries will strengthen agricultural cooperation to ensure food security. China welcomes more high-quality, green agricultural exports from Central Asian countries.

Sixth, China and Central Asian countries will expand cooperation in e-commerce, smart city, artificial intelligence, big data application and other areas of high-tech and develop partnership on digital economy.

Seventh, China and Central Asian countries condemn terrorism in all forms and are committed to jointly combating terrorism, separatism, extremism, drug trafficking and transnational organized crime.

Eighth, China and Central Asian countries all support the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan and stand ready to play a constructive role in promoting intra-Afghan negotiation, restoring peace and stability, advancing Afghan economic recovery and strengthening regional cooperation.

Ninth, China and Central Asian countries will step up cooperation at the UN and other multilateral mechanisms, jointly defend multilateralism, oppose interference in other countries' internal affairs and uphold fairness and justice in the world.

Wang also said that by establishing the mechanism of the foreign ministers' meeting, China and Central Asian countries will meet regularly and formulate cooperation plans to ensure steady and long-term growth of friendship between China and Central Asia.

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