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The Chinese Embassy in Iceland Hosts Open Day

On 4th November 2017, the Chinese Embassy in Iceland hosted an Open Day for Chinese-studying students in Iceland. Attended the Open Day were some 300 guests including students and teachers from Landakotsskoli, Isaksskoli, Vesturbaejarskoli along with the parents of the students of those three schools and the teachers at Confucius Institute of Northern Lights in Iceland.

Ambassador Zhang Weidong delivered a welcoming speech. He said that Chinese study is getting more and more popular in Iceland. Last year the Icelandic government included Chinese into the curriculum of Icelandic primary and secondary schools as second language. This will further strengthen mutual understanding between Chinese and Icelandic peoples, and help pass on the friendship from generation to generation. Ambassador Zhang also took the opportunity to thank the Confucius Institute of Northern Lights and the teachers of the above-mentioned schools for their active role and great contribution in teaching and spreading the Chinese lauguage and culture.

Ambassador Zhang Weidong delivering a speech

Ambassador Zhang Weidong pointed out that language is not only a tool of communication but also is like a key, a pair of wings and a boat. By mastering a new language the students can open a door to new civilization, fly over cultural barriers and cross the ocean to contact with different culture. Chinese is a lauguage spoken by the largest population in the world, in China there are more than 1.4 billions people speaking Chinese, and over 100 million foreigners are studying Chinese as second lauguage. Since 2008, the Confucius Institute of Northern Lights in Iceland has taught nearly 3000 Icelanders Chinese, which amounts to almost 1% of the whole population of Iceland. Chinese culture is just like an attractive book, by learning Chinese, the students will not only enrich their knowledge and make their life more colourful, but also be provided with more opportunities and choices in their career and life in the future.

Ambassador Zhang Weidong emphasized that the past October has been significant both for China and Iceland. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was seccessfully convened and the Parliament election of Iceland was also held. China has entered a new era of Socialism with Chinese Charateristics. This will create new opportunities for China-Iceland cooperation. He believes that with the joint effort of the two goverments and peoples, including the teachers and students present today, China-Iceland friendship will be further strengthened. He hopes that the students will learn and love Chinese language and culture, and enjoy their studies. When they grow up, they would play a positive role in enhancing mutual understanding between the two peoples. The Chinese Embassy will, as always, be ready to cooperate with the teachers and students, and offer as much assistance as possible.

The headmaster of Landakotskoli Ms. Johannsdottir and the Dean of Confucius Institute of Northern Lights in Iceland Mr. Magnus Bjornsson aslo delivered speeches. They both thanked Ambassador Zhang Weidong and the Chinese Embassy for the invitation and warm hospilities. Ms. Johannsdottir said that she had paid a visit to China along with some teachers and students. She was deeply impressed by the profound traditional culture, the fast development of Chinese economy and the diligence of the Chinese students. Ms. Bjornsson said that although Iceland and China are far away from each other, the relations between the two countries will get closer with more and more Icelandic students beginning to learn Chinese.

Headmaster of LandakotsskoliMs. Johannsdottir delivering aspeech

Dean of Confucius Institute of Northern Lights in Iceland Mr. Bjornsson delivering a speech

The students from the 3 schools staged some performances. They also enjoyed a number of games including calligraphy, picking up peanuts with chopsticks and some Chinese snacks. Lottery draws were also held. All the winners received a special gift.

Performance by the students and their teacher Anna

Kung-fu show

Guzheng performance

The activity lasted for 3 hours. The atomosphere was warm and joyful. All students spent an unforgettable day.

Lottery draw

National TV Station of Iceland, RUV, covered the activity and broadcasted it in the Evening News.

Ambassador Zhang Weidong interviewed by RUV, National TV Station of Iceland


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