Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Remarks on China Offering Help to Search For and Rescue Vietnamese Lost Planes

Q: According to Vietnamese media reports, a Vietnamese air force Su-30 plane went missing over the Beibu Gulf on June 14 with one pilot on board. Vietnam then sent a coast guard search and rescue aircraft which also went missing on June 16 with 9 search and rescue personnel on board. Officials from the Vietnamese defense ministry notified this to the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam, and asked China for help in the search process and to provide convenience for Vietnamese planes and vessels on the search operation. Please brief us on the latest development.

A: The Chinese side attaches great importance to this incident, and has deployed all-round forces to search for and rescue the missing planes and people at the request of the Vietnamese side in the spirit of humanism. Up to this afternoon, China's maritime search and rescue center and China's coast guard bureau have sent 5 vessels, and the Chinese navy has also deployed 4 vessels to the Beibu Gulf to join Vietnam in the search and rescue efforts. It is hoped that the missing planes and people on board can be found as soon as possible.

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