Press Release (2020.01.22)

We express our strong dissatisfaction and opposition to the groundless accusation against China's cooperation with Latin America and Caribbean countries, which Mr. Michael Pompeo, Secretary of State of the United States, made at Policy Discussion on U.S. – Caribbean Relations on January 22, 2020.

China has no intention to pursue geopolitical strategy or sphere of influence. China has been carrying out cooperation with Latin America and the Caribbean on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit. Such cooperation has been open and transparent, in compliance with local laws and market rules, paying high attention to protecting environment  and increasing local employment, and has given a strong boost to the economic development and improvement of people's well-being in the region. Indisputable facts have shown that it is opportunity and tangible benefits that China brings to Latin America and the Caribbean, which have been welcomed by them.

Latin America and the Caribbean countries, as independent sovereign countries, have every right to determine their own foreign relations including choosing their trade and investment partners. Others are in no position to impose interference or coercion out of ulterior motives.

For some time, it seems that some US politicians cannot go anywhere without attacking China, tarnishing China's reputation, starting fires and fanning the flames and sowing discords. They can go on talking the talk if they so wish, but we will continue walking the walk. The world will tell plainly who is stirring up trouble and who is trying to make a difference. 

China will continuously and unswervingly work together with Jamaica and other Latin American and Caribbean countries to jointly promote the Belt and Road cooperation for shared benefits and common prosperity. China will continuously and firmly support the integration and solidarity of Caribbean countries, and support their efforts to play an active role in international and regional affairs.  

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