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Expert: China enjoys strong reputation in Africa due to non-interference policy


HARARE, July 19 (Xinhua) -- China enjoys broad support and a strong reputation in African countries due to its policy of non-interference, said Dr. Edwin N. Forlemu, executive secretary of the African Capacity Building Foundation.

Forlemu told Xinhua in a recent interview that governments in Africa are developing the capacity to think on their own and design policies premised on their own visions, and so China's decision not to interfere with the path taken by African countries is logical.

China also maintains that the internal affairs of any state are its own responsibility and China's investment in countries such as Nigeria, Gabon and the Democratic Republic of Congo reflects the policy.

"These two elements, which go back a long way since the Bandung Conference of Non-aligned States in 1955, have made China popular and its policies attractive to both the developing and the developed world," Forlemu added.

Forlemu also said the exchange of new ways of thinking and doing things is having a dramatic impact on Africa and African countries will gain greater capacity in governance because the Chinese experience and technology will offer many good examples.

Source: Xinhua

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