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Chinese Premier meets with U.S. president in Beijing


BEIJING, Aug. 10 (Xinhua) -- Premier Wen Jiabao met here on Sunday afternoon with U.S. President George W. Bush and welcomed the Bush family, who attended the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games and other events.

Wen made the remarks at the beginning of their meeting, saying that he learned that Bush had made a surprise visit to the beach volleyball venue on Saturday, where he watched the U.S. men's and women's teams practice.

"There will be a China-U.S. Olympic basketball game this evening, and we are glad to have you on hand to witness the players' feats," Wen said to Bush.

In response, Bush said he was happy to join in the Beijing Games with his family and the opening ceremony on Friday had been spectacular.

Bush said he had cheered for U.S. athletes during the opening ceremony because he felt proud of them, adding that Wen must have felt the same when the Chinese athletes entered the arena.

The two also touched upon topics such as bilateral relations and economic and trade cooperation.

Maintaining lasting, healthy and stable development of the China-U.S. tie is the common responsibility of both countries and is expected by the international community, Wen said.

Wen voiced hopes for growth in the U.S. economy and a stable exchange rate for the U.S. dollar, and he suggested stepped-up consultation between the two countries to properly handle disputes and fully take each other's concerns into consideration.

China will work on balancing its trade position and enhancing the protection of intellectual property rights, and it hoped the United States would ease rules on high-tech exports to China and recognize China's full market economy status, Wen said.

The two countries should work together to prevent protectionism, push forward the creation of a just, open, rational and non-prejudicial multi-lateral system of trade, and promote communication about macro-economic policy-making and international trade, Wen said.

Echoing Wen's remarks, Bush said China's development benefits the world, and the U.S.-China tie is a win-win relationship instead of a zero-sum game.

The United States expected to enhance dialogue and cooperation with China and to carry on the strategic economic dialogue.

"At present and in the future, I will be continuously devoted to developing a closer and more sincere U.S.-China relationship," said Bush.

Bush also met on Sunday with his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao and vice President Xi Jinping.

Source: Xinhua


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