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Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Attends the Hand-over Ceremony of China-aided LBS Rehabilitation and Expansion Project and the Launching of CRI FM Programs in Liberia

By Chinese Embassy in Liberia


Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on November 19, 2008 attended the hand-over ceremony of the China-aided Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS) Rehabilitation Project and later cut Ribbon, together with Mr. Zhou Yuxiao, Chinese Ambassador, Mr. Wang Yunpeng, Vice President of China Radio International (CRI) and Dr. Laurence Bropleh, Liberian Information Minister, for the launching of CRI FM Program in Liberia.

President Sirleaf makes remarks overview of the program

In her remarks during the program, President Sirleaf said the ceremony was a symbol of the growing partnership between China and Liberia. In all of the areas of national endeavor and in every pillar of Poverty Reduction Strategy, China is there with Liberia. The rehabilitation and expansion of LBS FM program will promote communication between the Liberian government and its people and encourage the mass public to participate in the national rebuilding process. She welcomed the CRI delegation to the program and expressed her wish that CRI program will help the Liberian people in their way of development. She expressed her gratitude to the Chinese aid workers and the local workers for their excellent work. She promised to work with Amb. Zhou in further enhancing friendship and partnership between the two countries which Liberia can build upon. Liberia will make itself "worthy" of the partnership, because it wants to see China to do more and become one of Liberia's strong partners.

Information Minister Dr. Bropleh and LBS boss Mr. Snetter also thanked China for its assistance in Liberia's broadcasting industry.

Amb. Zhou makes remarkes exchange of hand-over documents

In his remarks, Amb. Zhou commended President Sirleaf for her unremitting efforts in realizing development objectives. The hand over of the LBS project, said the Chinese envoy, ends the history of no nation-wide radio broadcast coverage in Liberia, which provides an easy and effective channel for the government to reach its people. It is of special importance for post-war Liberia where transportation is still a bottleneck. He thanked the Chinese and Liberia constructors for their excellent work in spite of all sorts of difficulties including tropical diseases, long distance transportation, and heavy rain. Speaking on the landing of CRI FM program, he said Liberian people will from now on be able to listen to the voices of 1.3 billion friendly Chinese people, rather than to learn of China only through third party media. This will further enhance friendship and mutual understanding between the Chinese and Liberian peoples. He expressed his wish that the cooperation between LBS and CRI will be successful and sustainable, serving as a bridge linking the two peoples closer together. He then presented 500 radios as gifts to President Sirleaf.

CRI Vice President Mr. Wang Yunpeng made a brief introduction of CRI. According to him, established in 1941, CRI has become an important international media institution. With the aim of enhancing understanding and communication between Chinese people and people in other countries, CRI broadcasts more than 1,000 hours of programs everyday worldwide in 43 languages and its website uses 53 languages to publish its contents. He announced that from now on, people in Liberia will be able to hear 18 hours of CRI FM programs daily, among which 15 hours will be in English while the other 3 hours in Chinese. Besides news, culture and entertainment, there will also be special programs produced by Africans for Liberian listeners. He hoped with the launching of the FM programs, CRI sound wave will bring China right here to the Liberian people.

President Sirleaf visits LBS and CRI facilities a transmitter donated by Chinese Government

After the ceremony, President Sirleaf, accompanied by Amb. Zhou, visited the LBS and CRI facilities.

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