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China Stands firm with Liberia
--Chinese Ambassador Reiterated China's Commitment to Liberia

Monrovia, Liberia, May 7: H.E.ZHOU Yuxiao, Chinese Ambassador accredited to Liberia, has reaffirmed China's commitment to Liberia's postwar peace and economic recovery effort, while he attended a Love TV & Radio talk show, Public Forum, on Friday.

On this live talk show program, the high-profile Chinese envoy was questioned by program anchor, Jallah Grayfield, a number of issues concerning China Liberia bilateral relation. Ambassador ZHOU expressed his satisfaction towards the close bilateral relationship enjoyed presently by both China and Liberia, China will keep the momentum of its support to Liberia's peace and stability, as well as the economic development, Ambassador ZHOU asserted.

Additionally, Ambassador ZHOU also briefed the audience of Chinese Government's effort in helping Liberia in its postwar peace building and economic recovery through its humble but meaningful means, such as sending Chinese peacekeepers, building infrastructures, and encouraging private investment etc.. We would like to put our emphasis not only on the bilateral aid, but also on the sustainable economic development driven by private investment, said Ambassador ZHOU.

The Chinese Ambassador's presence on the talk show program arose a big enthusiasm among LOVE Tv & Radio's audience, who in return called in the studio, expressing their opinions on various of issues, with a focus on China's positive engagement in the areas like bilateral aid and economic cooperation.

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