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China and Cambodia Hold Grand Handover Ceremony of China-funded Stadium in Cambodia

On September 12, 2021 local time, Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen and State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who was on an official visit to Cambodia, jointly attended the handover ceremony of the China-funded stadium in Phnom Penh. Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Prak Sokhonn and other officials from ministries and departments were also present. The event was broadcast live on television in Cambodia.

Hun Sen made a long impromptu address. He enumerated a large number of facts to emphasize that China is Cambodia's most trustworthy and reliable brother. Cambodia and China have become iron-clad friends. The completion of the national stadium is another fruit of the iron-clad friendship between Cambodia and China, and it will help Cambodia develop sports, popularize mass sports, and serve as the main venue when Cambodia hosts the 2023 Southeast Asian Games. The Cambodian government and people express heartfelt thanks to the Communist Party of China, the Chinese government and the Chinese people.

Hun Sen said, China assists Cambodia in building infrastructures such as roads, bridges, and power facilities. The list of such examples can go on and on. We are embracing the harvest season of the iron-clad Cambodia-China friendship. Thanks to the COVID-19 vaccines provided by China, Cambodia becomes one of the countries with the highest vaccination rate, and the mortality rate is very low, which protects the life and health of Cambodian people, and boosts the economic recovery of Cambodia.

Hun Sen expressed, some people often look at Cambodia with bias, and point fingers at the friendly relations between Cambodia and China. Cambodia adheres to the principles of peaceful coexistence and neutrality, and hopes to befriend all countries, does not want to make enemies with anyone, and welcomes all external assistance. However, China's contribution to Cambodian social and economic development cannot be replaced by any country. This is a basic fact. Who else can Cambodia rely on but China? Cambodia-China friendship has lasted for centuries. Chinese leaders advocate all countries are equal regardless of their sizes, and they respect Cambodia very much. Cambodia will always abide by the one-China principle, and continuously deepen Cambodia-China comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership. Any external intimidation and lure will not shake Cambodia's determination to strengthen cooperation with China. The profound friendship cultivated by the elder generations of leaders of both countries will be carried forward.

Wang Yi was also invited to make a short impromptu address. He said, the stadium aided by China is the largest one with the highest grade in China's external aid. It is a true representation of China-Cambodia friendly cooperation, and will be another landmark symbolizing China-Cambodia friendship. The Cambodian people can do physical exercises, and athletes can do physical training to deliver good results at the 2023 Southeast Asian Games. China is willing to support close and friendly neighbors like Cambodia in accelerating development and achieving revitalization. The governments and peoples of China and Cambodia need to work together to ensure that the China-Cambodia community with a shared future will sail toward an even brighter future.

The stadium funded by China was built starting in August 2017 and completed in May 2021. The stadium resembles a sailing ship. It integrates the craft of the buildings of Angkor Wat, and Chinese independently-developed superb techniques, perfectly combining the splendid Khmer culture and the Chinese spirit of craftsmanship.

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