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Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Expresses Protest Against Japan's Violation on Chinese Sovereignty Rights and Interests in the East China Sea

On July 15, Cui Tiankai, Director General of the Asian Affairs Department of Chinese Foreign Ministry, urgently summoned Minister Chihiro Atsumi of the Japanese Embassy in China, lodging a solemn representation on Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's formal granting of test drilling rights to Teikoku Oil in the area of East China Sea disputed between China and Japan on July 14.

The move of Japan poses a serious provocation and violation against China's sovereignty rights and interests and the rules of United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, to which China expresses strong protest, noted Cui.

Cui pointed out that China and Japan have yet not demarcated the East China Sea and the two countries are now divided on the issue. It is ungrounded for Japan to grant the test-drilling rights to Japanese private company in the disputed sea area with the excuse of its so-called unilateral "median line". China reaffirms clearly that it never recognizes the so-called "median line" and it is impossible for China to recognize it. China and Japan have disputes over the east area of the "median line" where Japan is not entitled to taking any unilateral action. China resolutely opposes and will never accept any attempt of Japan to impose its unilateral proposition upon China as an accomplished fact.

China and Japan should properly handle their differences and actively explore the solution through dialogue and equal-footed consultations, which is an important consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries, stressed Cui. China solemnly requires Japan to faithfully carry on the above spirit, immediately correct its behavior and stop any move infringing China's sovereignty rights and interests.

On the same day, Chinese Embassy in Japan also lodged a solemn representation with the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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