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Latvian National Library Opened "Window of Shanghai"
 On Oct 14, 2011, the unveiling ceremony of "Window of Shanghai" project was held in Latvian National Library. H.E. Mr. Hu Yeshun, Ambassador of China, Mr. Yu Jianhao, Sectary-General of Shanghai People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Ms. Cheng Xiuming, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Archives, Mr. Andris Vilks, Curator of Latvian National Library, staffs of the library and Latvian readers attended the ceremony.
In the ceremony, Shanghai Municipal Library donated 500 books to Latvian National Library, among which are books introducing Chinese politics, economy, culture, tourism, history and folk tradition etc. Shanghai Municipal Library plans to donate 100 books per year in the next three years.
Ambassador Hu said in his speech that with joint efforts of the two sides, cultural exchanges had been active and born fruits. "Window of Shanghai" book donation ceremony had again made a prominent contribution for promoting China-Latvia cultural exchange. The Ambassador hoped through the "window of Shanghai", the Latvian readers may get a better and deepen understanding of today's China. Mr. Andris Vilks, Curator of Latvian National Library thanked the generous donation from Shanghai Municipal Library. He said the amount of this donation was on scale the largest among the Chinese books donations to Latvian National Library in history, which would certainly promote cultural exchange between the two sides and helped Latvian readers to better understand the Chinese history and achievements in China's cultural and economical development.
During the ceremony, the well-known Latvian sinologists Professor Peteris Pildegovics presented Chinese-Latvian Dictionary compiled by himself as a gift to Shanghai Municipal Library.

After the ceremony, a cerebrating cocktail party was held by Ambassador Hu. Latvian readers read books introducing China with rich and colorful contents and were impressed by elegant printing and format of the books. They also warmly discussed how the books of "Window of Shanghai" project could be better used.

"Window of Shanghai" was a cultural exchange project implemented by Shanghai Municipal after 2002. Up to June 2011, "Window of Shanghai" had been opened in 63 foreign cooperative institutions of 37 countries and regions, with a donation of 35000 books in total.

Mr. Li Bijian, Political Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy also attended these activities.

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