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Remarks by H.E. Zhang Yiming at the Handover Ceremony of Meteorological Equipment granted by China

11:30, July 5th , 2018

Hon. John Mutorwa, Minister of Works and Transport

Dear friends, ladies and gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure for me to come to the Ministry of Works and Transport to attend this Handover Ceremony of the China's meteorological aid-project.

As is known to all, meteorological observation and forecast is one of the key public services that we cannot live without no matter where we are. It makes our life easier but what is far more significant is that it may exert great impact on a country's economy, vital to many business sectors such as aviation, farming, husbandry, horticulture, fishing, tourism,disaster reduction and humanitarian relief etc. The improved capacity in meteorological service may greatly facilitate the economic growth and benefit the society as a whole in a country.

It is in light of the above significance that the meteorological project had been proposed by the Chinese Government as one of the measures at the Fifth FOCAC Ministerial Conference in 2012, to help build up the professional capacities in meteorological observation service in 7 African countries.

I am happy that Namibia is among the recipients and I am proud that China is helping enhance the capacity in such a vital public service of meteorology in Namibia. The meteorological project is worth 16.1 million RMB (approx. 2.4 million USD) and the meteorological equipment assisted by the Chinese Government includes: automatic weather stations, manual observing systems, FY-3 (风云三号) meteorological satellite data receiving and processing systems, meteorological early warning radio control system, meteorological professional communication system, meteorological information comprehensive analysis and processing systems etc. This project serves as another testimony of the cooperation and friendship between the people of our two countries.

Thanks to the project, the weather forecast on TV in Namibia becomes more attractive to the general public, the Namibian government is able to prepare and disseminate early warnings to the public when in severe weather events, and The Namibian Meteorological Service is enabled to monitor climate condition and ecological environment in Namibia for the first time by using data from FY-3 meteorological satellite.

Now that the project has been completed as planned and scheduled, I would like to thank the engineers and professionals from China Meteorological Administration (CMA) for their devotion and hard work, and I also thank our Namibian counterparts for your kind support and cooperation.

I believe that with the deepening of comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Namibia, more practical cooperation like this one will be foreseen ahead of us.

Thank you.

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