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Remarks of the spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands on the demand of the US Ambassador to the Netherlands to the Dutch government to ban the use of Huawei equipment in the construction of the 5G network

On June 5, U.S. Ambassador Pete Hoekstra said the Dutch government should ban Huawei outright from supplying equipment for a new 5G mobile telecommunications network in the Netherlands if it wants to prevent spying by the Chinese state. In response to those remarks, the spokesperson of the Chinese Embassay expresses the view that:


America's accusation of espionage against Chinese government is totally groundless, measuring others' corn by its own bushel and confounding black and white. Although the US has labeled Huawei's equipments as threats to national security of certain countries, they have never presented any evidence, because there is no evidence at all. China always requires its enterprises abroad to abide by international rules and local laws and never asked any enterprise to install "backdoors" or assist in intelligence work. On the contrary, China is clearly opposed to the way the United States demands their enterprises to provide overseas intelligence and data, which China finds seriously harming the sovereignty of other countries. On the one hand, the US fabricated so-called "security threats" of Chinese enterprises. On the other hand, the US itself has been violating international laws to undertake intelligence work abroad by all means. Hence one can see that America's accusation against Huawei is not out of concerns of "national security", but out of political purposes. It runs counter to fairness and justice and would not be accepted by the international community.


The US Ambassador lorded it over the Dutch government on the 5G issue, which is based on the logic of the US hegemonism. The judgment of national security threats should be based on reason and facts, not on speculation and hypothesis. The Netherlands is an open, self-confident and rule-of-law country. We believe that the Dutch government will independently make objective and fair decisions based on facts. We would like to work with the Dutch side to create an open, fair and non-discriminatory environment of investment and business for enterprises from both countries.


China has always been attaching great importance to and firmly safeguarding cybersecurity. We are willing to actively participate in international cooperation in cybersecurity and work together with all parties including the Netherlands to build peaceful, secure, open, cooperative and orderly cyberspace, to jointly grasp the opportunities brought by the new round of scientific and technological revolution, to encourage and support business community and scientific research institutions from different countries to strengthen exchanges and cooperation and to make positive contributions to the promotion of human well-being.

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