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Arrogance and Prejudice are the Biggest Sins in the Way of Winning the War Against Coronavirus---An Open Letter to the Editorial Department of De Volkskrant

11 April, 2020

The Editorial Department of De Volkskrant:

Recently, the COVID-19 is gaining its speed spreading around the world, and countless lives are under threat. At this tough moment, countries need solidarity most, and people need science and facts most. The whole international community is calling for an end of the coronavirus stigma and politicization. However, we noted that your newspaper published comment article today featuring seven sins on countries' responses to COVID-19. Its view on China is far-fetched, unobjective and full of prejudice, discrimination and malice. The Chinese government and its people have made tremendous efforts and sacrifice to quickly bring the outbreak under control within its territory. Nowadays, while still facing enormous challenges itself, China is committed to providing assistance within its ability to other countries including the Netherlands, wishing to jointly overcome the pandemic as soon as possible. At this time, what is the purpose of your newspaper publishing such an article? Is it for promoting the cooperation among countries to fight against COVID-19, or is it for undermining this solidarity? We believe that such behavior is spurned by most decent and kind Dutch people.

Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy

In the Netherlands

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