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Response from Chinese Embassy Spokesperson to Dutch media reports on Chinese students and researchers in the Netherlands

Q:According to Dutch media, Dutch House of Representatives recently expressed concern over espionage activities of Chinese university students and researchers in the Netherlands,and called for the Dutch government to add China to the list of risk countries and screen the background of Chinese students and researchers who are involved in specific academic areas in the Netherlands. What’s your comment?

A:We have noticed relevant reports. Driven by ideological bias against China, these discriminatory and stigmatized conjecture and accusations against overseas Chinese students and researchers are totally groundless, which has brought the so-called China Threat Theory to the areas of people-to-people exchanges, obstructing normal Sino-Dutch exchanges and cooperation. That is what we firmly oppose.

In recent years, the sound development of Sino-Dutch exchanges and cooperation in education area has benefited both countries. Chinese students are acknowledged and welcomed by the Dutch universities and society with their diligence, excellent academic standards and research capacity. They also made contribution to the development of Dutch economy and society.

Science knows no borders and knowledge dissemination is vital to the progress of human society. Imposing restrictions on normal education exchanges and cooperation is against the Dutch spirit of freedom and openness, as well as the development trend of human civilization. It is our hope that the Dutch side could proceed from the fact and abandon bias, take an objective and just view towards the pragmatic bilateral cooperation in areas of education and science, and create an open, just and non-discriminatory policy environment for bilateral education exchanges and cooperation.

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