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Notice on the Opening of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Test Center for China-bound Transit Passengers

Airport Medical Services, Novamedik Diagnostics and Schiphol Airport sent a joint letter to the Chinese Embassy this week to inform that the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Test Center in the transit area will be officially opened on 18th January, 2021. The Test Center is operated by Novamedik Diagnostic and provides Covid-19 PCR and IgM anti-body tests for China-bound transit passengers. Website of the Test Center: www.novamediktest.com. Telephone number of the Test Center: +31-639562923. Customer service number of Novamedik Diagnostics: +31-626717455. Please pay attention to the following (for passengers without Chinese nationality):

1. China-bound transit passengers must make an appointment through the above-mentioned website after receiving the first health code in the country of departure. Please follow the instructions of the local Chinese embassies or consulates for the first tests and health codes

2. Please check the time needed for the PCR and IgM anti-body tests in advance with the Test Center and arrange the transit time reasonably.

3. China-bound transit passengers who are tested by the Test Center must upload their certificates through website https://hrhk.cs.mfa.gov.cn/H5/ and apply for a green health code through the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands. Please select "Novamedik Diagnostics (airport on-site test)" when uploading the certificates. If all the information submitted meet the requirements, the applicants will receive their green health codes which contain the sentence "Please present the code and the original certificates of negative results of nucleic acid test and IgM anti-body test for verification before boarding". The airline will not only check the personal information, sampling time and test results on the certificate, but will also check the authenticity of the certificates.

4. China-bound transit passengers who can enter the Netherlands can also take the tests at other institutions recognized by the Chinese Embassy (please check the list from the Embassy website). Please select the correct test institution when uploading the test certificates. China-bound transit passengers who are tested outside customs will board the plane with the green health code issued by the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands and do not need to present the original test certificates.

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