Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's Remarks on the Erroneous China-Related Remarks Made by the Spokesperson of the US State Department

Q: On July 30, the Deputy Spokesperson of the US State Department Marie Harf said that the US is deeply concerned about the indictment of Ilham Tohti, and calls on China to release him and to guarantee his human rights and freedoms. What is China's comment?

A: Ilham Tohti violated Chinese law, and his case is being processed in accordance with the law. The US side has on many occasions made irresponsible remarks at China's law enforcement and judicial practices under the disguise of their so-called "human rights" and "freedoms", which constitutes wanton interference in China's sovereignty. China is firmly opposed to and strongly dissatisfied with that. We demand the US side to immediately correct its mistakes and stop saying or doing anything that interferes in China's internal affairs.

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