Statement by the Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Norway

(February 4, 2019)

The Chinese Embassy in Norway has noticed the Annual Threat Assessment Report of The Norwegian Police Security Service(PST) released on 4 February and remarks by Director Bjørnland regarding China, which the Chinese side is strongly dissatisfied with and opposed to.

China always respects the sovereignty and national security of Norway, and has never interfered with Norway's internal affairs. There is no conflict of interests between China  and Norway. China poses no threat to Norway's security. It's very ridiculous for the intelligence service of a country to make security assessment and attack China with pure hypothetical languages. If the logic of the PST stood, then we could also say that China is exposed to threats from Norway because Norway "will" or "have the capability". We hope that the Norwegian intelligence service act in a cautious, objective and responsible manner based on facts, in order to avoid becoming the laughingstock of the international community.

We have also noticed the relevant remarks regarding the Chinese company Huawei. We'd like to stress again that China consistently opposes and combats all forms of cyber espionage and attacks. Chinese laws and regulations never give any institution the mandate to force companies to build "mandatory back doors". Any country has the right to protect the information security of its own, but that gives it no reason to impede or even strangle the lawful and legitimate operations of an enterprise, just parroting the words of others, based on some non-existent excuses and by the pretext of security, which is apparently an act of trade protectionism. The China-Norway economic and trade cooperation is mutually beneficial in nature. We hope that the relevant authorities of Norway will accord unbiased and equal treatment to Chinese enterprises and contribute more to mutual trust and cooperation, not the other way around.


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