The Embassy Spokesperson's Response on Hong Kong-related Open Letter by Aftenposten

We have noticed your open letter on today's Aftenposten. We are shocked by the content and firmly oppose the accusations based on false information.

The history of the past 100 years has demonstrated that the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government have always been the people's party and the people's government. "Of the people, for the people", serving the interests of ordinary Chinese is the primary goal. No one is in a better position to make the judgment than the 1.4 billion Chinese people.

Freedom of expression, including the freedom of the press, is protected by the Chinese Constitution, Hong Kong Basic Law and National Security Law. Like any responsible government, China has the obligation to ensure that the media and public opinion are not interfered or manipulated by external elements, with the intention to damage the national security and the interest of the people, and to protect ordinary citizens' right to access the facts and realities.

In accordance with the law, the Hong Kong SAR government took legal measures on relevant newspaper and their employees. Those measures were taken not due to what the newspaper said, but because of what they did; not due to whom they criticized, but because of whom they conspired with. Freedom of expression will always be protected, only those who conspire with external elements and jeopardize the sovereignty of China will face judicial punishments.

As President Xi Jinping said during the celebration marking the centenary of the Communist Party of China this morning, "We welcome all suggestions and well-intentioned criticism". We are confident that lies could never stood the test of time, truth would eventually prevail. We sincerely hope that friends from the media, including Aftenposten, could view and report China from an objective perspective, and show the world a real China.

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