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Wang Yi Speaks with Brazilian New Foreign Minister Carlos Alberto Franco França on the Phone

On April 10, 2021, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi had a phone conversation with Brazilian new Foreign Minister Carlos Alberto Franco França.

Wang Yi congratulated França on his appointment as foreign minister of Brazil, and said, China and Brazil are large developing countries, representatives of emerging economies, and BRICS partners. Both countries are important forces of promoting multi-polar world, and share extensive and close common interests. China always views and develops its relations with Brazil from a strategic and long-term perspective, and gives Brazil a priority in China's foreign relations. After the outbreak of the COVID-19, China and Brazil worked together to fight the virus, and grew practical cooperation despite challenges. A batch of major projects made smooth progress, demonstrating strong resilience of the bilateral cooperation. China will work with Brazil to embrace new progress in promoting the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries.

Wang Yi said, the virus is a common enemy to all mankind. The present situation in Brazil and other Latin American countries is still very severe. China sympathizes with what they are going through, and firmly supports the Brazilian government's efforts to contain the pandemic and recover economy. China stands ready to conduct vaccine cooperation with Brazil to the best of its capability, taking the heat out of the pressing situation in Brazil.

Wang Yi said, China and Brazil enjoy economic complementarity and huge growth potential. Cooperation serves the fundamental interests of the two countries and two peoples. Both sides should promote steady growth of bilateral trade, and actively expand cooperation in 5G, digital economy, artificial intelligence and other fields. China believes that Brazil will provide a fair and open business environment for Chinese companies in Brazil.

Wang Yi emphasized, both China and Brazil uphold an independent foreign policy, respect each other's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and continue to provide each other with mutual understanding and support on issues bearing on respective core interests. The China-Latin America cooperation targets no third party, but focuses on common development and practical cooperation, and responds to respective needs. China hopes that Brazil will play a bigger role in this regard.

França thanked Wang Yi's congratulation on his appointment as foreign minister and said that Brazil-China relations are of strategic significance. Both countries have maintained sound cooperation in various fields. He believes that the phone talk today will inject new impetus into Brazil-China cooperation. Brazil hopes to deepen the harmonious relations with China, and expects long-term cooperation. Brazil suggests that both sides should make full use of and improve the existing communication channels and cooperation mechanisms to strengthen strategic dialogues, and further elevate bilateral ties. Brazil appreciates China's selfless help after the outbreak of the COVID-19. China is a major producer of medicinal materials. Now Brazil is plagued by shortage of vaccines and medical supplies to combat the virus, so it hopes that China will continue to provide strong support. Technical cooperation is crucial for the two countries. Brazil is willing to strengthen cooperation with China in digital economy and 5G, and keeps close communication on China-Latin America cooperation.

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