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Notice on the Implementation of Pre-Departure COVID-19 Nucleic Acid (PCR) and Serum IgM Antibody Tests

The New Zealand government has advised that COVID-19 serum IgM antibody test is now available to the public and it can be performed by New Zealand laboratories located in some major cities. As stated in the Notice of Interim Measures of Two Separate Nucleic Acid Tests (PCR) for China-bound Flights Departing from New Zealand announced by the Chinese Embassy in New Zealand on 4 November 2020, when such a test is available in New Zealand, passengers will need to provide negative result of IgM antibody test for China-bound flights. After collaborating with the relevant parties, the Chinese diplomatic and consular missions in New Zealand have thus decided that, starting from 10 December 2020, passengers must complete one COVID-19 nucleic acid (PCR) and one COVID-19 IgM test 2 days prior to boarding China-bound flights, and to request for the green health code (HS) or Health Declaration Form (HDC) by providing negative results for the COVID-19 nucleic acid (PCR) test and the COVID-19 IgM test.

Details are as follows:

I. IgM Antibody Testing

1) Venipuncture should be used for blood sampling.

2) Please make an appointment with your GP or clinic directly for the COVID-19 IgM test, your GP or clinic will have your blood sample analysed by one of laboratories located in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin. Please consult your GP or clinic in advance according to your travel itinerary, and make sure the report will be available before your trip.

II. Testing Facilities (Laboratories)

1) The Chinese diplomatic and consular missions in New Zealand do not have any officially designated testing facilities (laboratories), and passengers are free to choose a test provider to have the test done.

2) Both nucleic acid PCR and IgM sampling and tests can be done by the same test provider.

III. Test Reports

1) In case that a total antibody test instead of a separate IgM test is performed, the test report must show a negative result and must state that the IgM antibody is included in the total antibody. Otherwise, the report will not be accepted.

2) Passengers should provide the original test reports for the COVID-19 nucleic acid PCR and the COVID-19 IgM tests from the test provider. Reports provided by GPs or clinics must clearly state the name of the testing facility, and must be signed by the GP or carry the stamp of the clinic . Otherwise, the reports will not be accepted.

IV. Requesting HS green health code or HDC health declaration form

For foreign nationals:

1) Please make sure your personal information shown on your PCR and IgM test reports are correct, and then request the Health Declaration Form (HDC) by logging on to https://hrhk.cs.mfa.gov.cn/H5/

2) Please make your request based on the consular jurisdiction.

3) When uploading both PCR and IgM test reports, please also provide a copy of the information page of your passport, if your passport number is not shown on both reports. Please make sure the uploaded pictures are clear and intact to read, and do not alter, trim your pictures.

For the Chinese nationals

4) Please use the WeChat mini program to make your request, and details can be found through the Chinese version of this Notice published on the official website.

V. Arrangement for the Transition Period

1) Between the release date of this Notice and 10 December 2020, the Chinese diplomatic and consular missions in New Zealand will accept either one PCR test and one IgM test, or two separate PCR tests for granting HS green health code or HDC health declaration form.

2) Given that the COVID-19 IgM test may not be available in some areas, those passengers who cannot take the IgM test between 10 December and 17 December 2020, may provide the reports of two separate nucleic acid PCR tests when requesting health code as stated in the Notice of Interim Measures of Two Separate Nucleic Acid Tests (PCR) for China-Bound Flights Departing from New Zealand which announced on 4 November 2020.

3) Starting from 0:00am, 18 December 2020, all passengers travelling to China must provide the reports of one COVID-19 nucleic acid PCR test and one COVID-19 IgM test when requesting HS green health code or HDC health declaration form. The option of having two separate PCR tests will be invalid.


Embassy of the People's Republic of China in New Zealand                              

Chinese Consulate-General in Auckland                                          

Chinese Consulate-General in Christchurch                                      

30 November 2020                                                        

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