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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's Regular Press Conference on March 3, 2014


Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang held a press conference on March 3, 2014.

Q: Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida calls on defense authorities of both China and Japan to set up a maritime communication mechanism lest tensions grow in the East China Sea. What is China's response?

A: China's position and proposition on the Diaoyu Islands Issue and the East China Sea Issue is clear-cut. We believe that China and Japan need to properly manage relevant differences through dialogue and consultation. The problem is, over a period of time, Japan has been unilaterally stirring up troubles on issues concerning the Diaoyu Islands and the East China Sea, evading and refusing sincere and substantive dialogue with China. That is the root cause of the status quo of the Diaoyu Islands issue and the East China Sea issue between China and Japan. We hope the Japanese side can make a serious response to China's position, face squarely history and reality, and conduct substantive dialogue and consultation with China on relevant issues.

Q: Reports say that the "March 1 Incident" is related to overseas forces. What is China's position? Who is meant by overseas forces?

A: The Chinese police are stepping up efforts to investigate the serious and violent terrorist attack in Kunming, Yunnan last weekend. We have also noted that flags of the "East Turkistan" terrorist forces and other evidences were found by the police on the spot, according to their initial release. Further investigation is still ongoing and I believe that the competent authorities will release the results in a timely fashion.

I want to highlight that, regarding the extremely violent terrorists, no matter who they are, whatever organization they belong to or whoever they are related to, and they carry out terrorist activities at whatever time and place, the Chinese government will severely crack them down in accordance with law.

Q: The Russian Parliament approved the use of force against Ukraine. Does China offer diplomatic support to Russia? Does China recognize the new Ukrainian government?

A: On your first question, please refer to the remarks I made yesterday. With respect to the Ukrainian issue, we uphold China's long-standing diplomatic principles and basic norms governing international relations, and also take into account the history and complexity of the issue. It is fair to say that our position, which is objective, fair, just and peaceful, follows both principles and facts.

On the second question, judgement needs to be made based on laws of Ukraine.

Q: Japanese Defence Minister Itsunori Onodera announced that Japan will establish a new amphibious force for islands seizure and defence of Southwest islands. What is China's comment?

A: Due to both historical reasons and the negative moves by the Japanese government on a series of issues, the international community and Japan's neighboring countries in particular, watch closely Japan's moves in military and security fields and in neighborhood areas. We hope the Japanese side can make good on its commitment to peace and development and play a positive role for regional peace and stability.

Q: Some western leaders believe that what Russia did violates international law. What is China's comment?

A: Yesterday, I elaborated on China's view and position on the current situation in Ukraine and you may take a look at that.

I want to point out that we are aware of the historical facts and realistic complexity of the Ukrainian issue. There are reasons for why the situation in Ukraine is what it is today. We hope relevant parties can seek a political resolution of their differences through dialogue and consultation, prevent tensions from growing and jointly maintain regional peace and stability.

Q: The Kunming Incident is not referred to as terror attack in statements by some foreign governments. What is China's comment?

A: Bloody facts have been presented before all. The violent terrorists are brutal and inhuman, but people who uphold justice around the world have conscience. We hope the international community will speak with one voice and take joint actions in dealing with such violent terrorists because they are common enemies of mankind.

Q: Does China see the "March 1 Incident" as being linked to overseas Islamic movement?

A: I have answered relevant questions. I want to reiterate that detection and investigation of this case is still underway and the whole truth will come to light. I also want to point out that the violent terrorists who have lost their humanity and killed the innocent are standing opposite any nation or any religion. They are common enemies of the entire world and all mankind.

Q: Does China consider it a "double standard" that some foreign governments did not mention terror attack in their statements on the violent and terror incident on March 1 in Kunming, Yunnan?

A: I have answered similar questions. I want to call your attention that the international community, be it foreign governments or international organizations, all strongly condemn such brutal terrorist acts. As we speak, the international community are expressing in various forms strong indignation and condemnation of this violent terror attack, and sincere condolence to the Chinese government and people, particularly to the bereaved families and the injured. This represents the mainstream of the international community, the voice of humanity and the conscience of mankind.

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