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Wang Yi Puts Forward Three Ideas on Materializing the "Two-state Solution"

On July 18, 2021 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry and met with Secretary-General of the League of Arab States Ahmed Aboul Gheit, respectively, in El Alamein.

Wang Yi said, China, as the United Nations (UN) Security Council's rotating president, facilitated five Council meetings to review the Palestinian question amid the conflict between Palestine and Israel, and helped the issuance of a press statement of the President. Just days ago, China held another Palestine-Israel Peace Symposium in unremitting efforts to promote ceasefire and resumption of peace talks between Palestine and Israel.

Lasting peace cannot be achieved without justice being its foundation. The establishment of an independent Palestinian state should not be delayed indefinitely, and the legitimate and lawful rights of the Arab people should not be ignored for long. The "two-state solution" is the only realistic path to resolving the Palestinian question. All parties concerned with the Palestinian question and the international community should make practical efforts to promote the "two-state solution" on the basis of UN resolutions. China puts forward the following three ideas:

First, the authority of the Palestinian National Authority should be enhanced, and it should be authorized to exercise sovereign functions in security, finance and other areas, so as to gain effective control over the autonomous and occupied territories; second, the Palestinian factions should be supported for greater unity, whereby they can achieve internal reconciliation through consultation and dialogue, and come to a unified position on talks for the settlement of the Palestinian question; third, Palestine and Israel should be encouraged to resume peace talks based on the "two-state solution". Palestinian and Israeli negotiators are welcomed to conduct direct talks in China. In the meanwhile, China calls for the holding of an international peace conference led by the UN with the participation of the permanent members of the UN Security Council and all stakeholders in the Middle East peace process to seek a comprehensive, lasting and just settlement of the Palestinian question and to enable Palestine and Israel to co-exist in peace.

Shoukry and Gheit agreed with the ideas put forward by China and are willing to communicate and coordinate closely with China on the Palestinian question, while hoping that the international community will urge Israel to stop all settlement activities in the occupied territories and lift the blockade on the Gaza Strip. China has never colonized or invaded any country, but always stands on the side of justice and principles ingoverning international relations, and has exerted positive influences on promoting the settlement of the Palestinian question. China is expected to play a greater role in regional affairs.

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