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The Chinese Government Helps PNG to Curb HIV/AIDS

On 5th January 2005, Amb. Li Zhengjun and Hon. Sir Moi Avei signed an agreement at the National Planning office in Port Moresby to kick off the 5 million RMB (2.2 million kina) donation of the Chinese Government. President Hu Jintao offered the donation to Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare at the 12th APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting in Santiago, Chile, to help PNG Government fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS across the country.

The money will be used to provide Papua New Guineans with medicines and medical instruments to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS. In his speech (attached), Amb. Li says, HIV/AIDS is the common enemy of mankind. People around the world have become increasingly aware of the danger it brings to mankind and should step up efforts to fight against this deadly disease. … The bilateral co-operation and sharing information and knowledge will help to lower the threat that HIV/AIDS poses.

On behalf of the PNG Government, Sir Moi extended his heartfelt thanks to the Chinese Government for the donations. He says it's high time that PNG responded to the crisis by doing something to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS. Sir Moi is pleased to see that all leaders in parliament are aware of the dangers and are all working together to increase awareness of the danger of HIV/AIDS among the people. He says the help from China will go a long way in preventing the spread of the disease.

Journalists from the National, Post Courier and EMTV were present to cover the signing ceremony and reported it widely through PNG.

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