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Chinese Art Performance Applauded

Headed by Ms. Tang Wensheng, Vice Chairwoman of the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas (ACFROC), an eight-member Chinese Performing Art Troupe came to entertain Papua New Guinean people, including the Chinese with colorful Chinese art performances and fascinating feats in a bid to bring cordial greetings of ACFROC to the Chinese and the local people in Papua New Guinea.

The art troupe has staged performances in Port Moresby, Lae and Rabaul. In each city, the performing arts troupe was warmly welcomed by the local people with thunderous applause.

The performances were composed of Chinese dances, music played with Chinese musical instruments, magic show and acrobatics. The three girl dancers, namely Jian Ying, Gao Yan and Liu Yuanyuan, brought the audience back to Han Dynasty of 2000 years ago when a group of lovely and delightful young girls expressed their longings for love in a spring hike. The three dancers also showed their nimble fingers in a Chinese folk fan dance. In the solo dance of "Re-winning the Sky", Gu Zhaoliang depicted a dogged hawk on the Mongolian prairie striving to soar high in the sky after hit by a bolt. In her solo dance of "Heroine Mulan Returning Home", Gao Yan, a woman disguised as a man, fought bravely as her fellow fighters in the battle fields and as shy and tender as a village girl after she returned. The dance of "Chilly North Wind Blowing" starred Jian Ying and Gu Zhaoliang may feel a bit remote to the people in the tropical area. But audience felt the bursts of hot passions of the young lovers all the same.

Mr. Li Benliang, one of the most famous Chinese fiddle players, produced five tunes with different instruments. The erhu solos (two-string fiddle) include "The Moon Reflects on the Twin-Springs" and "Horse Racing". The former was composed by a blind man named Ah Bing. Imagine how a blind man could feel the moonlight shed on the rippling twin springs. Mr. Li has transformed the mood of the blind man into a combination of tranquility, happiness, and melancholy. With both his bow and fingers, Mr. Li vividly mimicked the gallops of racing horses. Another famous piece called "Step by Step Going ever Higher" is in fact an embodiment of best wishes. On behalf of the delegation, Mr. Li was wishing the audience prosperity and happiness. The audience was very much amused as Mr. Li mimicked such greeting words as "Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Evening" at the beginning of the tune of "Thriving Animal Husbandry". He was even able to mimic the voices of different domestic animals, such as roasters, hens, mule, ox, horse, and dogs. When Mr. Li produced a saw, which is usually used to cut wood, the audience was puzzled. However, Mr. Li maneuvered the saw and the bow and created the wonderful melody of "Auld Lang Syne". The astonished audience could not help pouring their claps.

Magic is the favorite show to all. Madam Lu Zhunian played quite a lot of magic tricks. When she angled wriggling fishes from among the audience one after another, with the biggest one weighing about 500 grams, thrills broke out. Quite a lot of audience are still speculating how to change paper slips into fifty kina notes as Madam Lu did in a split second.

Ms. Cai Yujin was rolling her flexible body in different shapes on a table with five live candle stands always erecting on her feet, hands and forehead. The audience didn't spare their applauses and admiration and the show came to its climax.


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