President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines Meets with Wang Yi

On July 25, 2017 local time, President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines met in Manila with Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Rodrigo Duterte asked Wang Yi to convey his sincere greetings to President Xi Jinping, and expressed that the Philippines attaches great importance to China's international position and influence, and commits to establishing more close and robust bilateral relations with China. The Philippine side highly commends China for providing various assistances and playing a positive role in the Philippines' national development and construction, especially thanks China for providing strong support and assistance to the country's efforts in counter-terrorism. The Philippines is gratified with the progress made in Philippines-China relations, and stands ready to, together with China, deepen cooperation in various fields, continuously benefit the two peoples and jointly press ahead the process of East Asia Cooperation.

Wang Yi conveyed President Xi Jinping's greetings to Rodrigo Duterte, congratulated the Philippines on its development achievements in the past year under the leadership of Rodrigo Duterte, and reiterated that China staunchly endorses the Philippines to pursue independent diplomatic policies and walk along the development road in line with the national conditions of the country. Wang Yi expressed that with the political decisions and personal promotion of the two heads of state, China-Philippines relations have achieved the overall turnaround with full recovery of exchanges in various fields and vigorous implementation of practical cooperation within a short period of over six months, which brings tangible benefits to the two peoples and is showcasing more positive prospects. The sharp contrast before and after the improvement of China-Philippines relations shows the way neighbors should behave to each other with fact. That is dialogue outweighs confrontation, and cooperation is better than friction. The history will prove that the improvement of China-Philippines relations is the right choice.

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