Wang Yi Holds Talks with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif

On October 10, 2020, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Tengchong, southwest China's Yunnan Province.

Wang Yi said, amid profound changes of a kind the world has never seen in a century, we are confronted with a series of emerging threats and challenges. The international community needs multilateralism, fairness and justice, and openness and cooperation more than ever. China and Iran are comprehensive strategic partners, and China will stand ready to strengthen communication with Iran to deepen cooperation in the fight against the COVID-19 and other fields. We will work with all countries to safeguard multilateralism, oppose unilateralism, and maintain international fairness and justice, and common interests of developing countries.

Wang Yi said, China has been committed to upholding the authority and efficacy of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on the Iranian nuclear issue. To preserve the JCPOA is to uphold the outcome of multilateralism, the practice of resolving hot-spot issues through dialogue and consultation, and the authority of the UN and the Security Council. The Chinese side opposes unilateralism that sabotages the comprehensive agreement, and will continue to promote the implementation of the JCPOA and UN Security Council Resolution 2231, with a view to facilitating the political and diplomatic settlement of the Iranian nuclear issue.

Wang Yi expressed, to respect legitimate security concerns of all parties, China proposes to establish a regional multilateral dialogue platform and include all parties concerned to facilitate dialogue on equal footing and increase understanding under the principle of preserve the JCPOA, thereby resolving the security issues facing the Gulf Region in the Middle East through political and diplomatic means. China is open to the form and content of such a dialogue and all parties are welcome to join the discussion.

Mohammad Javad Zarif congratulated China on its remarkable achievements in COVID-19 response and national development, and said a multi-polar world is an inevitable trend, and the unipolar hegemony can't sustain. China is growing into a major force in the world, and it plays a very important role in the transformation of the global landscape. Iran thanked China for its strong support to Iran in the fight against the epidemic, and is willing to work with China to strengthen all-round cooperation, oppose unilateralism and safeguard multilateralism. Iran appreciated China's announcement that it will help developing countries have access to vaccines. Iran also commended China's significant role in upholding the JCPOA, and will work with China, Russia, the EU and other parties to uphold the efficacy of the JCPOA. Iran welcomes China's initiative to build a multilateral dialogue platform for the Gulf region, and hopes all parties to demonstrate flexibility and jointly maintain regional peace and stability.

The two sides also held an in-depth exchange of views on international and regional issues of mutual interest.

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