China and Pakistan Decide to Launch Joint Actions on Afghan Issue

On July 24, 2021, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi jointly met the press in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, and answered how China and Pakistan will respond to the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan and its spillover effects.

Wang Yi said that the Afghan situation has come to a crucial juncture. Without eliminating terrorism or bringing peace to Afghanistan, the U.S. suddenly withdrew its troops from Afghanistan, which has resulted in a new security black hole. Obviously, this act is irresponsible. However, crises and challenges coexist with opportunities. After the withdrawal of foreign military forces from Afghanistan, the Afghan people will have the chance to hold the destiny of their own country and nation in their own hands.

Wang Yi emphasized that as Afghanistan's neighbors, China and Pakistan are directly impacted by the Afghan situation. It is necessary for the two countries to strengthen cooperation and respond to changes. This is one important agenda during Qureshi's visit to China. After in-depth communication, we decide to launch joint actions from the following five aspects.

First, we will make every effort to pursue peace, give top priority to avoiding the spread of war, and prevent Afghanistan from spiralling into a full-scale civil war.

Second, we will actively promote peace through talks, advance effective intra-Afghan talks, and take substantive steps towards political reconciliation and building a broad-based and inclusive political framework.

Third, we will work together to combat terrorism and push all major forces in Afghanistan to draw a clear line against terrorism, firmly combat the East Turkestan Islamic Movement and other terrorist forces, and resolutely stop Afghanistan from becoming a hotbed of terrorism.

Fourth, we will promote coordination and cooperation among Afghanistan's neighboring countries, explore the building of Afghanistan-related cooperation platforms, and help Afghanistan achieve peaceful reconstruction and live in amity with all its neighbors.

Fifth, we will pool the strengths of the international community, urge the United States to earnestly fulfill its responsibilities for the peace and reconstruction of Afghanistan, promote the coordination of all Afghanistan-related regional and multilateral mechanisms, and work together for lasting peace and stability of Afghanistan.

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