Symbols of Friendship, Unity & Future: Amb. Huang Xilian Awards Contestants of Hand in Hand Drawing Contest

On 22 June 2020, Chinese Ambassador Huang Xilian invited and awarded the winners of the ‘Hand in Hand: Drawing of the Sino-Philippines Relations in your Heart,’ a month-long contest held in celebration of the 45th Anniversary of the China-Philippines establishment of diplomatic relations, which has drawn many participants across the Philippines .

At the beginning of the ceremony, Ambassador Huang interacted with each of the invited winners, both in person and online, to talk about the stories being told by their creative works. The artworks, as introduced by each of the artists bore the main themes of friendship, unity and future, which impressed the ambassador telling the awardees that their works bear great significance during a time of the pandemic. Furthermore he told the artists that their works will be introduced to Chinese people and expressed his hopes that they continue to tell more stories on the friendship of China and the Philippines.

In his remarks, Ambassador Huang highlighted that the ceremony is an important event on the occasion of the 45th Anniversary of the two countries’ establishment of diplomatic relations. He also said that the event was a great depiction of what was agreed during the exchange of congratulatory messages between President Duterte and President Xi, which commended people to people and cultural exchange between the two countries.

The ambassador expressed that China and the Philippines are siblings, siblings who may have natural differences but continue to love and stand by the other. Amb. Huang highly appreciated the fact that the Philippines stood by China when it was distraught by the pandemic and Philippine donations represented tremendous solidarity and good will to the Chinese people. Likewise, Amb. Huang said that China reciprocates this sentiment by supporting and assisting the Philippines in overcoming the pandemic.

Ambassador Huang said that both the Philippines are China are facing a good opportunity for development. He believes that if the two countries continue this momentum of good cooperation as they did in the past, present and future, this generation and succeeding generations can secure a better future. Lastly he called on the awardees, who he refers to as “cultural ambassadors”, to continue to work on improving friendship and unity between the two countries and invited them to the embassy’s reception once the restrictions have been lifted.

During the interaction, one of the top prize recipients mentioned that the inspiration of his work was the long history of immigration and trade between the two countries. He emphasized that his work meant to show how China and the Philippines have long been working together, helping to build each other’s nation and together creating a shared future. In addition, recipients expressed their heartfelt gratitude towards the Chinese government and community for their support to the country during the pandemic. They hope that through their work they are able to depict this tangible friendship between China and the Philippines.

At the latter half of the event, the awardees have received a certificate of recognition with prize and had their framed works acknowledged and signed by the Chinese ambassador himself.



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