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In order to resume personnel exchanges between China and foreign countries in an orderly manner, the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan will provide the following facilitations from 15 March 2021 to visa applicants who have been issued vaccination certificates by the qualified authority after having vaccinated the Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccine.

I. Personnel or their family members who come to China for necessary work and production resumption activities (work, business, visit etc.) may prepare documents and submit applications according to the visa policy before the COVID-19 pandemic.

II. Scope of visa issuance for those visiting China out of emergency humanitarian needs will be expanded. Applicants who meet the following criteria may submit applications.

i. Family members: foreign family members of Chinese citizens or permanent residents, including spouse, parents, children or other close relatives living together (referring to brothers, sisters, grandparents, maternal grandparents, grandchildren and maternal grandchildren).

ii. Purpose: family reunion, support, family visit, funeral attending or visit critically ill relatives.

III. On the premise of ensuring the authenticity of the applicants' Chinese vaccination certificate, Invitation Letter (TE) or Verification Letter of Invitation may be exempted for the applicants who meet the following conditions.

i. For an applicant who works for Pakistani federal or local governments or other official institutions, authenticity of the applicant's Chinese vaccination certificate should be guaranteed in the NOC while applying for M or F visa.

ii. For an applicant who is a member of a competent chamber of commerce and industry, authenticity of the applicant's Chinese vaccination certificate should be mentioned in the guarantee letter while applying for M or F visa.

iii. For an applicant who has visited China for more than three times since 1 January 2016, should sign a letter of commitment in person to guarantee the authenticity of the Chinese vaccination certificate.

Applicants who have not vaccinated the Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccines are requested to submit visa application documents as per the visa notifications of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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