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Ambassador Yao Jing: China-Pakistan relationship is a model of State-State relations

On May 21, Ambassador Yao Jing attended two webinars organized by the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI) and the Pakistan-China Institute (PCI) in commemoration of the 69th anniversary of the China-Pakistan diplomatic relations.

All participants including Senator Mushahid Hussain, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, Mrs. Naghmana Hashmi, Ambassador of Pakistan to China, Mr. Zahoor Ahmed, Additional Secretary of the MOFA, Ambassador Khalid Mehmood, Chairman ISSI, Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, DG ISSI among others, spoke highly of the time-tested friendship between the two countries. The participants stressed that the China-Pakistan relationship is the corner stone of Pakistan's foreign policy. It is the consensus across the board. The CPEC has been a game changer to Pakistan. Pakistan will work together with China to advance CPEC cooperation for the benefit of the two countries and the region. Pakistan appreciated China's support to address the challenges of the COVID-19 and valued China's contribution to the international fight against the epidemic. Pakistan is firmly opposed to stigmatizing China.

Ambassador Yao Jing said that China and Pakistan are true friends and brothers for the past decades. The two countries have always adhered to the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence in developing bilateral relations while upholding international and regional justice. China and Pakistan also conducted win-win cooperation with the CPEC as a major platform. Pakistan has made great contribution to the international counter-terrorism campaign with huge sacrifice. It has played a positive role for the peace process in Afghanistan and hosted Afghan refugees for more than 40 years. China recognized the positive role by Pakistan to regional peace and stability. The Pakistani government has also worked hard in controlling COVID-19 outbreak in the country. No matter how the international situation changes, China will always stand with Pakistan, and is committed to deepening the ironclad China-Pakistan friendship, so as to make the China-Pakistan relations a model for building a community with a shared future.

Ambassador Yao Jing also commented on the baseless claims by Alice Wells, US State Department's Principal Deputy Assistant secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs against China-Pakistan relations and the CPEC. He said her speech is full of arrogance. In her mind, only the USA is right while the others are all wrong. Countries cannot choose their own development models and cooperation partners. Her speech is full of distortion. There is nothing new and nothing correct in her claims about the CPEC. Her speech is full of hegemonic mentality trying to undermine the CPEC cooperation. While the USA would like every country to follow its model, China would rather be a partner with Pakistan.

Ambassador Yao Jing stressed that given the background that the international community is fighting against the COVID-19, we need unity and cooperation more than ever. It is advised that the USA stop pointing fingers at China and Pakistan and work for the real benefit of the region.

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