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Chinese Ambassador to Seychelles H.E. Mrs. Guo Wei takes an interview with the Nation regarding Seychelles Presidential and Legislative election and China-Seychelles relations

On November 2, 2020, the Chinese Ambassador to Seychelles H.E. Mrs. Guo Wei took an interview with the Nation, one of the largest-selling newspapers in Seychelles and answered several questions regarding the election of Seychelles and China-Seychelles relations in the future. On November 3, this interview entitled China looks forward to continue to strengthen bilateral traditional friendship and expand cooperation in various fields with Seychelles, was published in the newspaper on its front page. The full text is as follows:


1. Q: How did you experience the presidential and legislative elections in Seychelles?


A: The Seychelles' presidential and legislative elections were conducted in a peaceful atmosphere and in an orderly, well organized and transparent manner. The voter participation rate is quite high with the turnout figure of nearly 88.5%. We also commend the Seychellois people's enthusiasm and patience throughout the elections and the peaceful transition after the elections.


2. Q: On two occasions, in his inaugural speech, President Wavel Ramkalawan alluded to aid granted by friendly countries. What does this mean to you?


A: Since China and Seychelles established diplomatic relations 44 years ago, our two countries have respected, trusted and supported each other. China and Seychelles have maintained a good momentum of growth in bilateral relations, realizing fruitful cooperation in economics, trade, education, culture and other areas. China is ready to work with Seychelles to consolidate friendship and mutual trust, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation and international coordination, and elevate bilateral relations to a higher level.


3. Q: China is one of the countries that has always been present in Seychelles and which continues to help us, how will this help continue?


A: China and Seychelles are always good friends, good partners and good brothers. On the basis of equality and mutual benefit, and mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, China has been carrying out friendly cooperation with Seychelles and has been providing assistance within its capabilities. China looks forward to continue to strengthen bilateral traditional friendship and expand cooperation in various fields with Seychelles.

4. Q: What are the major projects that China is currently implementing in Seychelles? 


A: One project funded by the Chinese government is on construction right now, namely a new SBC Building, which will come along with the cutting-edge broadcasting equipments. Despite setbacks of COVID-19, adverse weather and ground conditions, the SBC House project is progressing well.

In addition to intergovernmental cooperation, the private sectors of the two countries work closely as well. The Raising of La Gogue Dam Project constructed by Sinohydro Group Ltd., which aims to raise the capacity of the dam by 60 percent, from 1 million cubic meters to 1.6 million cubic meters in a bid to improve water security in the country and to accommodate for increasing demands especially in moments of drought, is also going well currently. 


5. Q: What are the major projects that have been completed in Seychelles?


A: Economic and Technical Cooperation Agreements between Seychelles and China have been signed routinely in the past 44 years. Within the framework of these agreements, the Chinese government has provided substantial financial aids to Seychelles. In Seychelles many projects were built by the financing of the grants, including National Swimming Pool, the National Assembly Building, Palais De Justice, the Anse Royale Hospital, the Glacis Primary School and Crèche and many other projects. On 6th August, 2020, the Residence Project has been successfully handed over to the Seychellois government, which is the latest achievement of cooperation between the two countries in the field of people's livelihood. These projects not only symbolize the friendship between the Chinese and Seychellois people, but also bring real benefits to the local communities.


6.Q: Being a small island state, how do you see the development of Seychelles (Democracy, economy and social)?


A: Over the past 44 years, Seychelles has achieved fruitful outcomes in economic, health, education, environmental protection and many other fields, which China highly appreciates. Although it is a small island country, Seychelles is a big maritime nation and has made great achievements in the Blue Economy and environmental protection. We are confident that Seychelles will make greater progress in different areas in the future under the leadership of the new government and National Assembly chosen by the Seychellois people. 


7.Q: What is your wish for our country which is living a historic moment?


A: China sincerely congratulates His Excellency Mr. Wavel Ramkalawan on his election as President of Seychelles. We believe that under his leadership, the government and people of Seychelles will work in solidarity for a better future and make new and greater achievements on the path of national development.

Seychelles is a good friend and partner of China in Africa, and the traditional friendship between China and Seychelles is profound. The Chinese Embassy is willing to continue to serve as a bridge for promoting the development of bilateral relations and enhancing friendship between our two peoples.

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