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The Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on Anti-China Articles by Kurdo Baksi

We have noticed the recent article by Kurdo Baksi on Expressen and SVD, which wrongfully accused China of “using media to broadcast enforced TV confessions” and blustered about “blocking relevant Chinese media”. Kurdo Baksi, posing as a “moral judge” and “savior”, has made vicious slanders on China and instigated hatred against China on multiple occasions. We firmly oppose such doing. His attempts will never succeed.

To think that Sweden, an advocate for the freedom of speech and the press, would tolerate Kurdo Baksi’s calling for “blocking China’s TV channels”! His act totally constitutes defiling and trampling on the freedom of speech and the press. It once again makes us realize that in the eyes of the likes of Baksi, the freedom of speech only means their freedom to spread whatever rumors they like out of bias, prejudice and political motives, not others’ freedom to express opinions. It is sheer media tyranny and dictatorship over public opinion. It is also shameful deprivation of the Swedish people’s freedom to knowledge.

We urge relevant newspapers to follow the professional ethics of journalism and report on China in an objective, impartial and non-selective way, instead of buying into the lies of the likes of Baksi or looking at China through colored spectacles. We ask relevant newspapers to publish our letter and let the truth be heard.

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