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No "Taiwan Independence" Activity Is Ever Allowed
—Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on Taiwan-related Issues

Recently, the website of Sveriges Television published an article by the “representative of Taipei Mission in Sweden”, which openly propagated the idea of “Taiwan independence”. The article amounts to serious political provocation and fraud, challenges the one China principle—a universally recognized norm governing international relations, and threatens and harms China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. We firmly oppose that, and are strongly dissatisfied with Sveriges Television providing platform for “Taiwan independence” separatist activities.

There is but one China in the world. Taiwan is an inalienable part of China's territory. The Government of the People’s Republic of China is the sole legal government representing the whole of China. The one China principle was confirmed by Resolution 2758 adopted by the United Nations General Assembly as early as in 1971. It has ever since been a universally recognized norm governing international relations and a consensus among the international community including EU and Sweden. As the first Western country to build diplomatic ties with the People’s Republic of China, Sweden does not recognize the so-called “Republic of China”, does not recognize Taiwan as a “country”, and its contacts with Taiwan are strictly limited to the non-official level. This has been so since 9 May, 1950 when the diplomatic ties between China and Sweden were established. Taiwan’s office in Sweden and its staff are not official in nature and do not have diplomatic status at all. Their activities are not allowed to have any sovereign connotations. “Taiwan independence” goes against the main trend of history and poses the greatest threat to the peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait and the welfare of the people from both sides. It is a dead end.

The Taiwan issue is China’s internal affair. It bears on China’s core interests and the Chinese people’s national sentiments, and is the most important political foundation for China and other countries to establish and develop relations. The one China principle brooks no debate. China does not make trouble, but it is not afraid of trouble. China has no intention to threaten or offend anyone, or to interfere in the freedom of speech and the press in Sweden. But freedom of speech and the press should not be exploited to harm other countries. We sincerely hope that the Swedish society and press will see through the hidden motives of the “Taiwan independence” forces to sabotage China-Sweden friendly cooperation, strictly follow the one China principle, not provide any facilitation for anti-China “Taiwan independence” separatist activities, and not be used by the “Taiwan independence” forces to advocate “Taiwan independence”.

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