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The Chinese Embassy Spokesperson: No Freedom is Beyond the Law

We noticed that on 3 May, a very small number of people from the media and cultural sector in Sweden who have strong bias and hostility against China, have once again come to the vicinity of our Embassy and made disturbance regarding the Gui Minhai case. We also learned that in the coming days they will hold a so-called "seminar" on the case. We find the above shocking and we firmly oppose.

We would like to reiterate that we fully respect freedom of press, but any press publication must be based on facts. Those above-mentioned people's words and publications on the Gui Minhai case have no factual basis, but are purely distortions, fabrications and lies, which cannot hold at all.

Freedom beyond the law does not exist in any country, including in Sweden. Gui Minhai has committed serious crimes in China, and his case must be handled by Chinese judicial authorities according to Chinese law. This represents China's judicial sovereignty, and no one is allowed to interfere.

A very small handful of people like Kurdo Baksi and Jojje Olsson always pose as "China issue experts". Yet all their statements and publications are extremely anti-China. In fact, they know nothing about the real situation in China, and they are in no way "China issue experts", but rather "anti-China experts". They are physically in the 21st century, but mentally still stuck in the last century's cold war era, always preaching and inciting antagonism, provocations and confrontations. We strongly advise them to open their eyes to the world, open their eyes to China and open their eyes to look at themselves. Instead of covering up and glossing over themselves through viciously finding fault with others and making up lies, they should follow the trend of the times of dialogue and engagement, peace and development and win-win cooperation.

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