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Chinese Embassy Spokesperson: No Countries, Organizations or Individuals should expect 1.4 billion Chinese People to Swallow the Bitter Fruits of Damaging the National Interests and Dignity of China

Despite strong opposition by the Chinese side, Svenska PEN insisted on issuing an award to Gui MInhai, and the Culture Minister of Sweden attended the ceremony, which the Chinese side expresses strong discontent and strong opposition against.

As we have solemnly pointed out, Gui Minhai is a criminal that committed serious crimes in both China and Sweden. Giving an award to such a criminal is an outright political farce. It is instigating crimes and sheltering criminals. It also constitutes a gross interference in China's judicial sovereignty. As a Chinese saying goes, good deeds will be rewarded with good results, whereas wrong deeds will only meet bad consequences. The serious mistake by the Swedish side undoubtedly creates serious difficulties to normal friendly exchanges and cooperation between China and Sweden. No countries, organizations or individuals should expect the 1.4 billion Chinese people to swallow bitter fruits of damaging the national interests and dignity of China.

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